Saturday, December 8, 2018

Sit Back, Relax, Write

But first, a brief game.


go get a refreshment or something,

I'll be right with you...

tic... tic... tic...

And now, on with the show. The wisdom was strong in this one tonight as the body awakened the mind (as it is apt to do when the mind stops making stupid decisions) and here we are ready for bear. Bare too. If only it was not below 60 degrees outside and almost 60 degrees inside... and I lived with nudists... or the human race as not so afraid of their bodies... or an intelligent species, for that matter... but I digress...

There is a tickle in my throat causing an occasional cough. 100 ounces of water coupled with a chill after serious exercise in a few hours can do that, among other things. The feet rest under an electric blanket, the body is wrapped in a thick robe, and the process continues.

If you don't know the process, you've not read the right entries. Rather than take the time to find them and link them here, I'll suggest you search for the following key words in the the dailies found on this page and read to your heart's content. If you care (or are curious) enough to want to know.

Other key words of note are secret, secrets, hope, or more specifically "there's always hope" and if you have the time, moody, harry, song, music, sing, and perhaps even mila, but they may get less specific and more elusive with each word. Spend a day or few clicking links and reading and you never know what rabbit hole you might fall into in this wonderland of words aka the written gardens.

Discomforts distract, yet the mood is so high thanks to the exercise (body blog for those details). An immediate remedy for one distraction, feeling chilled, was just initiated and hopefully it will work shortly. The long term remedy is in progress, however slowly, and will be completed by the end of the month. Much rejoicing will occur, in spite of the new challenges and distractions awaiting at the solution. Or remedy.

An immediate remedy for the other primary distraction, the asshole, has been initiated but does not seem to be working as well as it has in the past and that could be a result of the exercise, especially since I did not shower today and I still pushed the exercise (and perspiration) hard and I am sitting up (perhaps too much lately). I did shower tonight in spite of the chill, but perhaps laying down is needed too.

Then, however, the talk-to-text distraction will rise up and consume whatever threads of thought there might be forming in my slowly no longer reawakened brain. Ah, the challenges of life do undermine the profundity of understanding sometimes (often, in fact... looks like all the time for most, but we don't have to go there tonight in spite of checking out at least twenty minutes of Fox News earlier... I wanted to be fair and balanced and had watched about twenty minutes of MSNBC just before... scrolling through stations at the gym presented the opportunity and Rachel had the constitution on the screen, so I paused to listen... and we are surprised someone who refuses to show his tax returns has a lawyer receiving multiple indictments for tax fraud (not that most of the other politicians aren't likely doing the same or similar things, or would if they could)... I'm still waiting for him to walk down fifth avenue with a gun... as I said, all the time for most, but we don't have to go there tonight... god is funny lol).

Sleep, return, later.

Narf :)