Monday, March 2, 2020

As If It Needs To Be Something Profound

With videos or photos or multi-media of sorts never combined before, as if that is the definition of creativity, but then, definitions are made to be redefined, as the are little more than temporary agreements between people trying to communicate with each other, which is, unto itself, a relatively selfish, and therein, momentary and even random interaction, if it is an interaction at all, so whatever all this means, it is what it is, whatever you want it to be in your mind...

There was this time, in another blogosphere...


I have an innate love of timelessness, of blogging places that do not time-date stamp entries. For that reason alone I should love Timblr and that brings me to wonder why I am so seldom here. In the timeless past (scroll back to keep up) I wondered if I was simply not here enough to gather any sort of following and if the feeling of isolation kept me from remembering to post something here. I still blog daily in several places online, after all.

Another uniqueness that I love about this particular blog is that I was able to actually get my name as an account name when I joined. Yes, my name is candor and that is the most powerful why of all the whys I turn down all offers to give up this blog. I am candor the stumblr, here on tumblr only occasionally for no apparent reason, often just to wonder why I am not here more often, to admire some of my favorite tumblr blogs, and to explore new images and people and ideas and more.

One reason I do not come here is the dashboard does not seem to alow paragraphs and I write a lot. Sometimes. It’s iffy and random. Inconsistent, to saay the least. So I do most of my babbling elsewhere.

I usually come here with the excitement of seeing some old friends that I have not seen for some time. Sadly, I noticed a few of my favorite people are censored now. Perhaps the me-too movement or the church molesting children or other cultural tides have influenced the decision and ebbed the freedom of expression tumblr wishes to offer. That freedom of expression was one uniqueness of tumblr that made it so special and was the very close second reason I kept this account even when it is sleeping. Perhaps tumblr had an incident or two that scared the powers that run the community, but it is disrespectful of tumblr to think we are too stupid to turn on content filtering if we do not want to explore what our culture hides from children (which is a whole other concept to ponder for another time). It is a blow to one of the most unique communities online and now leaves tumblr lumped in with all the others.

Anyway, what brought me here today was reminiscing about an old friend who used to write a comic (and so much more) who lead me to Oglaf who’s holiday cartoon message was just what I was looking for as I sent holday messages to some friends. Following Oglaf’s tumblr link, I found the disurbing change that left me wondering what tumblr will become now. Another shallow momentary distraction like instagram or vine or perhaps even just another internet community site that fades into internet oblivion. Or perhaps a place where children will gather to be children, whatever that means. That seems to be what the powers at tumblr want.

Still, being this is the time of year for hope and seasonal cheer, or something like that, my hope for this holiday season is we get over our fears and stop trying to control everything as much as we do. Fears lead to insecurity and greed, which comes from the fear of not having enough. That leads to fighting over resources, property, idealogy, and even people (as labor and followers are resources too).

My hope is that unconditional love and the freedom to explore and learn and create wonder and excitement and meaningful emotions and ideas will not be extinguished by those who fear.

I believe we must trust the innocence and kindness and caring within us and when we grow and learn fear, trust the children to remind us that we are wrong to fear and limit our - and their - ability to learn and make our own choices in life.

Of course it’s all relative as life is momentary and timeless and we come and go in the blink of an eye. It is all so very random and maybe that is what scares people, but for me, that is the wonder and excitement to be shared and enjoyed. Even when it is dull, sad, or seems like a complete waste of time.

Perhaps that is what this blog is meant to represent.

Sometimes the best we word is…

Narf :)

Then, in another blososphere, the message might be different, but then, communication is all in the minds of those attempting such a follow, I mean, to understand the concepts in someone else's mind, to understand the experiences someone else experiences, to understand the senses only the one senses them could possible completely experience and therein, understand.

The universe as many blogospheres and there are an infinite number of universes beyond mine. Cutething may have understood once, are you still out there, cutething? Oh the places we might have gone, you brilliant, beautiful mind. Oh. the creativity we could find. Magic is only creativity beyond current understanding, after all.

What genius is this?

Later, perhaps.

Narf :)