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This is where the babble goes, in case it matters, see cuz there shall be additional detailed posts in this blog that are not always going to be linked to an specific entry in the step one of this two step daily life blog set because some of the entries here will have no match there as sometimes life happens between the daily entry there and the additional detail here and in that case there may be no need for the surface summary there if there are simply more details that go here cuz that is what this blog is for (aren't you paying attention? and so we now declare (can you hear the drum roll?... how about the throat clearing?):

In keeping with the history (of course I should be sleeping) and traditions (in the bios) of self-inquiry (and creating me) and life (the early years) of the old world (like a fool in the chill) left behind (from the beginning) in this blogging life (and these blogging lives) from the early (behind the candoor) babbles (in The Real(TM)) and rhymes (from planet candora) and fundamental (the funda know) transition (bullsugar) into the last daily (in (e)thereal splendor) with the flurry of others (opinions and complaints) not withstanding in these written gardens, this blog shall find entries uploaded whenever the whim might lead me here (so buckle your seat belts darlings, we're in for another long strange trip down the long and winding road, wherever it may lead. Last time, it was here. Again.

Kapish? :)

...and still it turns me on :)

Narf :)

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