Monday, October 22, 2018

165 KB

A notepad file that reaches 165 KB has a lot of words in it. Word can tel me how many, but I can't open Word files on this computer because there is not enough room for MS Office on the 32 GB SSD drive because MS Windows takes up most of the drive. A hundred entries, at least. More when some of the words will find their way into multiple blogs and with expounding, the number of entries can double. So in case you thought I am finally running out of words, well, this river is far from running dry. So chin up, my devoted readers (and random browsers), the babbler will continue to fill the void and plant new seeds and the written gardens will continue to grow.

In the vein of some sort of housekeeping (or perhaps it is ore promise keeping), as I insisted somewhat vehemently in this entry in the brief daily blog, read this. It is telling, like other entries that are telling, like some of the entries linked on the sidebars of the dailies. You know the dailies, right? Well, rather than send you fishing through the gardens (a list of most of the blogs, websites, and public pages {like Facebook) still around after the great and small internet wars), I'll provide links right here out of the goodness of my heart and generosity and desperate desire for attention, appreciation, and love. Or laughter, I welcome laughter too. The daily brief blog and this extended daily blog are the current dailies, but they don't have nearly the sidebar link systems these previous dailies and assorted sundries do.

So ok, maybe you don't want to spend hours getting to know me. Here's a shortcut, but then again, it is more linkly an exit to confusion, obscurity, and perhaps a touch of snarkiness. One of those links is a shortcut, but I won't tell you which one.

That not so subtle plug was brought to you be hopefulness.

Trying to share is challenging by myself and I am alive to share. The goal is to share everything completely with someone, the hopefulness is that I will find someone who can and will do that. All these words are meant to help us find each other. Everyone else will likely be distracted or driven away, which is the method to my madness. Besides finding the one, I am very open to finding friends and family. Since I have no biological family, anyone can be adopted family and there is definitely room for a sister or brother (or mom, even). Friends too. Activity partners too. Softball, gym, dining, music, movies, TV, books, and other interests that would be wonderful to share. You are welcome to come into my life if you are honest and believe in doing no harm ad are interested in interests that interest me.

There are several Internet personalities who I feel could be adopted family and possibly friends, but they are far away am busy with a very busy life. You will find many mentioned in my blogs here and there and elsewhere too.

There will be more, but sleep calls...

Something on TV lead me to wonder if a single fish could actually cost a half million dollars or more. I found that a single bluefish tuna was sold for more than three quarters of a million dollars (though the news on fish prices can be quite confusing and contradictory if you search for it... maybe The Atlantic knows). More for the prestige and pomp (whatever the circumstances) than for the profit (because the buyer could never make the investment back), but I was surprised at the price of what is considered quality sushi. I've got to wonder what kind of crap we are eating for a dollar a piece when this is the price of what is considered quality sushi. Anyway, it was a random thought inspired by something I heard on TV.

Nite nite.

Narf :)