Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bits in Time

There will be more when time permits... Two letters to new pen pals when I find time to organize and post... more...

For now...

Softball Sunday, two games, two loses, the new team is improving, though we have one prima donna player dragging the team down because she thinks she is much better than she is and yet doesn't hustle at all, throws the ball to the wrong bases, gives aggressive looks to base runners while holding on to the ball, and teaches others who are just learning bad habits. Hopefully we will find a fix for that.

After softball, dinner with friends at a sports bar. Sigh, sports bar food. But smile, dozens of TVs to see football games. Strange cultural phenomenon in my head and also at the place. Watching people in optimal health while eating crap food and drinking alcohol. What a culture. Still, fun to see friends.

Home to write and listen to music. Checked Fantasy football and I am ahead, projected to win, but sadly it is against Jackson and advice I gave her that she followed cost her 10 points. I won't know if I won by more than ten points until tomorrow night. Hope I do, or my advice cost her a win. We hardly keep in touch anymore, but I still love her and don't want to cause her any loses, even in a silly online game we hardly even talk about.