Friday, February 16, 2018

So Then I Looked Up

One of th biggest ways the internet has changed our lives is it has made many, if not most of us know-it-alls. Even for those who do not have arrogant control-freakish personalities, it is so easy to search for information that those who are afraid of ignorance or admitting they might not know something are quick to google answers and repeat what they read as gospel.

The trouble with that is much of what is written on the internet is written by ignorant people who obviously have no awareness of what they are talking about or how they are parroting some other ignorant fool with contradiction and just-plain-wrong information. Like a fat person working on a quasi-medical information website making a video about healthy eating.

What leads to this semi-mild rant is my recent bout with food poisoning. You may have heard I was relatively incapacitated for a couple of days after mostly enjoying one of the local Chinese buffets. Luckily it wasn't one of the top three and certainly now it's nowhere near the top ten, alas, says the foodie, it had potential. Anyway, I googled:

what is the easiest thing for the human body to digest?

The mindless repetitive crap that came up was so... well, it should have been expected and after wasting time reading and listening to some of the most contradictory nonsense I've absorbed in a long time, I changed the search to:

scientific medical evidence for what is the easiest thing for the human body to digest

I don't have time to read through, but this is what I will look at when I do have time so feel free to give me your unabashed review if you have the time and care to.

scientific medical evidence for what is the easiest thing

Of course the government and religion (does it disturb anyone that they are so inter-related these days?) had to have something to say:

for the human body to digest.

Many more words and links may follow as this research is imperative to not rushing off the softball field with shit stains this weekend, so stay tuned for more... as time permits.

Please stand by.

Narf :)