Sunday, August 12, 2018

Cleaning and Reorganizing the Space

Six (or was it seven) loads of laundry, full-to-the-max loads, at that. Folding happened too. The new wire frame shelving I put together yesterday and Helen (I texted Jackson, Helen, and Jane after starting laundry to let them know I was bored because I was nodding off and laundry is much less tedious {or sad, but that's another story lived and told long ago so if you haven't heard it and want to, ask} with company and Helen called. We did chores together apart for three hours while chatting) inspired me to reorganize the space today and the clothing is much more compactly organized leaving more shelf space for other things and much easier visibility of what I have available and clean. Time savings, space savings, perhaps even sanity savings at times. I'm not sure this qualifies as de-cluttering, but it's good to have the stuff clean and organized better.


I am dealing with the conflict between this laptop and Windows Update again. I decided to delete the Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder. n it not only to complain, but just in case this computer explodes during this entry, your know why. As you see above, the computer is working hard moving 39,835 "items" (I assume they are files) to the external hard drive (just in case they might be of some value to a tech if the computer needs fixing after they are all removed. The internet said it was safe and they are taking up 1.6+ GB of the 2.2 GB free space left on the 32 GB hard drive of which 29.1 is usable for whatever reason (from time f purchase). Windows takes up 21+ GB just to function, 3.5 GB are reserved by Windows so multiple programs can run, and then I have about 6 GB of software needed by Windows or the computer to function. About 1 GB of the software is stuff I use that Windows or Lenovo doesn't need like Adobe PDF. I cant even open an Office file on this thing. So I am deleting 1.6 GB of Windows Update files that can't be used because there is not enough room for an update.

See, what we have here is a failure to communicate between Lenovo and Microsoft and the consumer. Lenovo and Microsoft should have figured out that Windows 10 doesn't fit well on a 32 GB drive because it needs more than 32 GB to run and update. Then, Lenovo should have mentioned it in their sales and technical documentation. I suppose "DO NOT BUY THIS COMPUTER BECAUSE IT WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY AS IT IS CONFIGURED" might not be good for sales. But neither is a consumer stuck with a product that is constantly annoying reminding the consumer never to buy another Lenovo product.

I may continue this another time, but I need sleep as softball starts early tomorrow and I want to be awake for it for a change.
Even with all the indoor activity, I cut back on calories again. Less than 500 today. More tomorrow because, as I just mentioned, 3 hours of softball starts the day, but I needed to break the three-day streak of near or above 2000 calories.

You should have seen it lol :)

Narf :)