Monday, September 4, 2017

Fan Fiction, Maybe

Ok, except for an occasional babbling madness, life has mostly been about fantasy football, watching internet TV, and eating (the best buffet last night, again) recently (two weeks without softball and I've a vegetable... foolish games, no doubt). I was listening to music last night after getting home from playing with friends and then, I found my way to youtube because I wanted to listen to some music and The Waterboys entertained me for a while and then I found Emma Blackery and listed to her for a while. I like listening to her ramble on in the background sometimes.

Which lead to this next thought.

If I went to London, I wonder which neighborhoods I would want to visit and which I would want to avoid. Like is there a measurement of advice? I mean some people will have good reasons to visit or not visit pretty much every neighborhood because everybody has different perceptions and judgments and tastes and such, but it would be cools to have like a million people who know London well (and then another million non-Londoner who visit a lot) rating the different neighborhoods for visitability.

Anyway, listening to Emma for a little while lead me to Dodie and I want to like her music because I like Emma and Emma seems to like her but I wish she would fix the bad audio and first listen was disappointing because the articulation was poor (at least for my ears) which made the bad audio even worse. Inconsistent audio between different consecutive videos doesn't help either cuz nobody wants to keep having to adjust the volume to hear the video. That said, I still encourage her to ontinue and encourage you to visit and listen to the music she makes under her bed or on his too or even on a swing.

All my own personal audacity of rudeness and insensitivity aside, I admire anyone who produces anything on Youtube because it is way beyond my meager skills these days. I had more equipment and skills for audio visual in the seventies and eighties than I ever had since, which is sad since I my first audio system cost over $3000 in 1979 money and my first camera cost over $1000 in 1972 money. Yeah, I am that old. Yeah, I was that rich back then lol. Hey, not having to pay rent cuz parental units covered everything else helped a lot, but the equipment came out of my pocket (I was making more than $30 a week as a paperboy in 1967, so there, that's right, I was rich like that).

Just in case you suddenly stopped reading or want to stop reading because I am old to you, well, that thought makes you old to me in a much worse way than any number of years could make a person so go on your way if that's what you want to do. I hope you try to keep your mind open, that is how to not be old. All the agism in the world is wrong, by the way, but if you want to be wrong, well, that's your choice. I was old when I was three years old and got older as the years passed, but then I realized I don't have to be like everyone else and I have gotten a lot younger since then.

Speaking of talent (you ain't seen nothing yet cuz you haven't seen me... we'll find that line in a song one day, a few tdifferent songs in a few different ways come to mind already but there's another tangent we'll leave for another time), I sense Grace Vanderwaal has a lot of personal cultural baggage to overcome and certainly some professional hype as well, but I also sense she has amazing raw talent and could be a genuine entertainer if she blossoms just right.

Are we all just spoiled rich kids lucky to have the time and means?

Anyway, my second favorite youtuber just may be Emma Blackery who is not perfectly not Perfect (what?) and has been doing her own kind of self-exposure vloggery (vlogging, or video blogging, for you folk who do not know much about youtube or the internet, for that matter) for most of this present decade (how's that for timelessness?) and winner of an award last year for this song (Sucks To Be You) which seems influenced by Taylor Swift (her favorite music is made by Placebo {her obsession, we all need one, at least} and she mentioned Reliant K {I remember seeing them for the first time more than ten years ago on a side stage at Warped Tour, for a Christian band they aren't bad} as it was seriously popsonged up by producers in the released version and winner of another award this year for this song and she can be very meaningful (love that) but my favorite video song (video and song) she's made is still this one even if it's not perfect.

She really can really go the target="_blank">distance should make it big because she's enjoyable to watch and listen to naked (lol) on youtube (I mean without any production or makeup or any enhancements and as if she knew I was writing this, here ya go again) and with the right production she has the makings of a big pop star. I mean, she has a wikipedia page.

As usual, I did my part and left a comment of caring about the real person, the girl behind the production, cuz that is just what I do.

Watching you for all these years (I remember you before vloggery began), it is so great to see you get produced into a product that can sell to the mass audiences and I love you as a product, but I hope and trust you will you will not forget who you are and how genuinely real and vulnerable you can be even in the spotlight. That's where your real worth remains after all the production is done. Shine as bright as you can, you are a star. I applaud and cheer and hoot some too woo hoo!. I will always care about and admire the rest of who you are too. :)

She has a whole lot of pet peeves. Listenng to her roll through them got me to thinking of my pet peeves and I don't seem to find a whole lot of them in my mind that is not related to harm or dishonesty (which is a form of harm, so harm). Maybe some of it is cultural, I mean, I am not a huge fan of tea but love the taste of sweet creamy coffee and that's probably somewhat cultural. She's never had a burrito and likes pineapple on pizza. Cultural?

Unfortunately, she does not like chocolate mousse or ice cream, so the romance is over.

I still left Emma another comment...

Can complete exposure enhance or hinder the musical superstar you ought to be? Your life seems to be the answer to that question. Mystery helps some popular stars, but naked living (I mean honesty, not nudity, not that I am against nudity, which could develop into a multilayered tangent that we'll just ignore for now) because none of that is what I started was supposed to be about) is my favorite so I am rooting for you to become more famous than anyone else while still being as open and honest and real and accessible as you are vlogging. You are a celebrity life experiment, thanks for engaging and letting us watch.

Anyway, or in closing, or something like that, for me Emma represents a rare type of person who is addicted to sharing (who me?) and would be sharing even if nobody responded (what?... I don't know what you're talking abaot) and whether that stems from an insecurity or a nurturing of the human social hunger, I relate (kinda obvious, aye?).

Hope you enjoyed this fine break from the usual self-indulgent self-centered babble.

Narf :)