Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Strange Life, After All

Yes, it is a strange life, after all. So expanding on the brief daily where yesterday, today, and tomorrow all bring smiles, there we are on Sunday afternoon and as I am going about my usual fun weekend, as often is the case, I find a text message an hour or two after it arrived (I am still happily only semi-attached to technology, apologies to those of you expecting immediate responses... ever the rebel, am I... I shall not be tethered! lol lam) and lo and behold it is from the first person I loved like in a relationship kind of way (first long term girlfriend and maybe the most mature, caring, beautiful person I ever know... except for all the other people I've known and loved... ok, casting off the PC filter she was fun but also sensible, serious, mature, and truly in love with me {so rare that feeling seems these days} - but most important, family - and a true friend in a deeper sense than most).

I broke er heart and she still stayed my friend. A heart of gold, no less. Sad I did that. happy she is as she is. I am lucky she cares. :)

So a blast from the past, for sure. Did I know she would be in town visiting Disney with her family? Did she tell me in a Facebook message or text or some other way sometime in the past? Memory does not bring clarity to answers for those questions, but alas, work and softball are both very, no extremely challenging to cancel on short notice especially after my emergency a few weeks ago and the fact that I am still relatively new on the job (especially when it comes to accrued paid time off) and the pitcher for my softball teams, a challenging position to replace on short notice, especially weeknights, and she did not exactly say come on over so perhaps it is more of an awkward hello than I first saw it. For me it's hey great, when is dinner and where do you want to eat and catch up on everything? but then, I have come to the realization that I am not like most people.

So an after midnight text in response to mine tells me they just got home from the theme park and will be sleeping in tomorrow and I must tell her if I ever visit New York. So we may miss each other again like we did last time (and maybe times before). Such a strange life, after all. :)

So much more could be inspired from this, but sleep. I must sleep. More work, more softball tomorrow. Just two hours sleep last night. Five if I am lucky tonight, This body definitely needs more. Now more than ever. Reprimand accepted. Alas, maybe I need to start - gasp - planning!

Nite nite, love you :)

Narf :)