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When the current daily blog is not enough... This blog is for me, and for anyone who truly cares about me, and for anyone who might enjoy it. All others are welcome to leave a comment too, however please do not try to change me and I will offer you the same respect. You may not have come here first, in which case you may misunderstand. Welcome. This blog was almost called Public Therapy because it is that too, though so much more.

I write, I babble, I include links to inspirations, distractions, and deeper thought-paths that amuse, confuse, and clarify. I respect the privacy of those who want privacy by changing names, offering distractions, and letting my imagination wander into fantasy and creative play (which can include satire, sarcasm, exaggeration, metaphors, analogies, and other literary play {such as parenthetic asides, grammatical errors, typos, and distractions... sometimes ellipses and the run-on sentences, even} that disguise identities so that only I and those who truly care to know might see through the maze of words {are you excited by the challenge yet?} and, of course, the epic serious irreverence, irreverent seriousness, the all the fun of the fair, most especially my love of self-mockery, I mean, in case you did not notice).

However (most seriously... here is the bottom line), I do as little as possible to limit the flow of words as that sort of repression is harmful (and just because it is politically correct and socially acceptable does not make it any less harmful). I will do no intentional harm.

Honesty Without Harm is my ideal, goal, and way of being in this life. I've gotta be me.

If you ever ask - "What is reality, what is fantasy, what is really going on?"... Just ask sincerely and more specifically about the detail you want to know. I hope you do.

There is more about this blog (cuz a babbler's gotta babble) if you really want to know me.

The only thing that never changes is the fact that everything changes.

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