Friday, June 16, 2017

A Top Match

Yeah, so that was certainly a blast from the past... or some sort of resurrection, at least, and this hasn't even been written yet, so who knows what it may be but be that or this as it may be whatever, online matchmaking websites are certainly an odd experience, if not blatantly ridiculous. Let's ask ourselves just how would these two beautiful people react if a guy on social security hit on them?

Seriously, has ageism completely gone away? (asked quite facetiously, of course, because I know it has definitely not). OK, so I am not quite social security age, but I am old enough to be scorned upon in our culture (and not just in churches) for even considering asking either of the two new-age hippies pictured above for their autograph, no less their phone number and a date (what's a date?... I don't think I've ever been on one)... but there they are in my email because this website (which seems to present itself as a serious thinking kind of meeting place) tells me at least one of them is a "top match." Of course I will not be contacting them because the website wants something like $30 a month (or $109 a year, which in less frugal {or is that more gullible} moments I might consider after I rebuild some savings if I get bored enough) to do anything beyond oogling or fantasizing and I'm not seeing anyone in my many emails from the website who I find attractive enough to want to get mindful with even if they can overcome ageism and might actually take a serious friendship (which has to happen before any sort of committed relationship for me) seriously. Though there have been a few profiles I would like to delve into deeper with their writers.

Anyway, here's my profile there. I am not sure you can see it without signing up and it is certainly as flaws as any of my hundreds of profiles around the web as words are such futile tools for serious communication, but I'll just keep putting words out there in any form I can in the hope someone comes along and wants to delve deeper into the writer. Didn't you know that is what all this (and so much more) has been about all along? lol :)

So here we are. Another Friday night and softball is once again rained out. I believe this is the third or fourth Friday in a row. It is the middle of the season for three different leagues and I think it's been three weeks since I played ball. Bloat is turning to fat because I am not substituting any other exercise and I am eating more because eating is the go-to activity when bored and alone and on of the primary go-to activities for socializing. I have no friends who see any form of exercise as an activity at all, no less go-to activity. Sadly sedentary and growing old faster than the speed of tears.

Maybe I ought to pay the $109 dollars.

Right, so not now, but I did update my profile once again. I'll put it up on my profiles blog. What? You didn't know I had blog dedicated to some of the many personal ads and profiles I've put on the web? Well, where have you been? Come on, get with the program, lose yourself in the madness for the love of words. :)

all I ever needed was the one
who else is singing that song?
who else dreams of we've only just begun
in love is where we belong

I believe in love, it's all I've got
who else will share that with me?
some like it cool and some like it hot
all I want is honesty

Simple truth, or tragedy, is I give it all, unconditionally, every time I start any one on one relationship. Platonic or sexual, in physical space or long distance through words, the one I choose to adopt as family gets carte blanche. Mostly, it's turned out quite challenging in the physical world as I've been taken for all I have and left empty and destitute. Maybe I simply have not met anyone who can share and trust as I do so the people who came close were scared off by their own fear of unconditional trust. It doesn't seem to happen often outside of some biological families. Maybe some were just users. In any case, each time I picked myself up and rebuilt myself inside and out.

Does anyone really hear the words?

I live them. Who gets that? Who believe that? I am not unbelievable, really I'm not :)

Someone searching for Ric Candor might find this entry and wonder what in the world is going on (Steve Martin and Bill Murray asked what the hell is that? too lol). If we can get past the censorship of greed, we might find a connection. Just find someone who's turning, yearning, returning, and we just may come around. Old man take a look and my life, I'm a lot like you were. Stop in the name of love. I woke up today lost in a lost world. Remember me, my friend? Maybe. The Moody Blues and I were saved by the music. Sometimes it's random and sometimes the nail is struck squarely on the flat top. Remember Dick Tracy? See the Apple watch. 6 2 and even, over and out.

I miss Douglas Adams. I miss Robin Williams. I miss George Carlin. I miss John Lennon. I miss Harry Chapin. I miss Amy Goldstein. Wow, I can actually list dead people who provided me with enough personal influences and food for thought and emotional catharsis that I truly miss. Oh wow. Is that what aging really is? Outliving heroes and friends? I miss John Denver. I miss Robert Heinlein. I miss The Beatles. I miss the idealism and fearless love of the original hippies. I miss believing in humanity. I miss Bob Dylan. I miss Wacko Warner. I miss Don Quixote. I miss Sandy Hecht. Wow, this paragraph could tell all the secrets given enough time and linkages.

And we laugh because we understand.


perhaps more later.


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