Sunday, June 18, 2017

Stop The World (I'm Trying to Concentrate)

Interruptions, interruptions, and then, the interruptions get interrupted by more interruptions. That could become a fractal fracturing all concentration and undermining any organized thought which could leave a body floundering in a life of disarray. Let's not let that happen to our hero, m'ok?

Hey, you, are you with me? The writer, the babbler, our hero, let' not lose him to the normalcy of complacency and procrastination. Let's care, dangit!

I'd like to continue (babbling on my quest for the one and assorted other reasons for living even as I might be nodding off at the computer here) and I kinda almost did (or at least started), but maybe the worms did eat into his brain after all cuz nonsense is as amusing as the seriousness of the quest these days and there is still a great divergence between the normal human acceptance and definition of common sense and mine. Sigh, ya know?

Meanwhile, in the daily life, which is what this blog is supposed to be about (in case it matters) and this blog you are currently reading is supposed to babble on about digging into all the dirt, drama, and details while interjecting any associated or random tangent that might come to mind), I spent the day out in the world having fun. Yup, meanwhile.

That was after a less than ideal sleep night as lot of interruptions came around. Eb wanted to tell me his itinerary at my door the moment he walked in and I was eating so I think he's going away this week, but I was not paying attention. Food deserves undivided attention, ya know? I mean, don't expect me to take detailed notes while I am eating. It is a waste of calories.

Then there was the lawn guy pounding on the door and ringing the bell every hour or so well into the late evening yesterday. I might have mentioned that. Babbling was interrupted and that is a repeatable offence. I mean, it's worth repeating. For me, at least. Anyway, he's back ringing the doorbell before 7am until Eb woke around 7am. Then a wrong number phone call on the work phone woke me again at 9am. I finally opened my eyes for the day and got out of bed and showered about a little after 11am.

Then it was lunch with Helen, her mother, and one of Helen's girlfriends. Sweet Tomatoes, the deceptively fattening salad bar restaurant. I ate too much and had to stop at a big box store to use the bathroom on the way to getting a haircut. It was an awkward stop and I ended up buying butt cleaning stuff because I forgot to put some in my bad. That prompted me to want to get more organized and that idea percolated a bit as I headed to Helen's house.

I met Helen at her house and she wanted to go shopping so we went to an even bigger big box store and bought some more stuff to help organize the little stuff that make up a life. I bought a couple of mini five drawer mini-cabinets (now I just need a shelf to put them on) and some other organizing type stuff and some other stuff too. I bought some frozen pacs to keep in the freezer and use with two coolers I have in the cars (mine and the work car). I bought more underwear too. If you want to know the brands and colors or more details, you'll just have to ask (and tell me why you want to know).

n the way back to the car I told Helen I really must start restricting my spending because the savings is not growing the way I need it to grow to feel comfortable moving out of this room and into a more expensive space. I write it here again to emphasize the importance of restricting savings so I can get stuff out of storage and unpack in my own space again. Also on the agenda that should be emphasized... exercise, eat fewer calories, find a roommate and activity friends, fall in love, and save the world.

After that we hung out at her house for a while until it was time for me to head to cards. A selection of the usual suspects were there and cheap pizza (Hungry Howie's) was dinner and the aggressive player few people like (a few, including two of the closest friends I have in that group... the two who took me to Atlanta to pitch for their team... will not show up unless he isn't there) was up to his usual tricks trying to dominate the table and distract people when they are thinking and it was justice to see him go all-in and lose after he won it all and strutted like a peacock last week. Some people just do not have enough social skills to play well with others.

In the end, I finished second and walked away up $50. Good deal (pun not intended).

It was after midnight when I headed back here for the night, but on the way I stopped at the storage unit and picked up a cooler because, as I mentioned above, I am going to start keeping two coolers in the car, one for the laptop bag in the trunk (because I will not leave the laptops here because the crime rate is too high) and one for drinks in the car. I do a lot of driving for work and to see friends and driving around in the heat is getting expensive as I keep stopping for water and it is much cheaper to but n bulk. Simply, bringing drinks when spending several (or many, even) hours driving around (and in and out of the car) for work and or play, keeping the laptops cool is beyond sensible.

Finally actually heading back to this place with my bed, I found myself motivated to straighten up and reorganize this room and it is much more spacious (for a small box) and after about an hour and a half, things are more easily available.

There is more, but sleep is calling and the eyes are closing.

Now, if only someone was here to share the fun, life (and this space) would be even better.

Hello?... hello... hello... (to be continued)

Narf :)

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