Monday, August 22, 2016

Eating Too Much

The food addiction I nurture (it's legal, stop judging... it's not funny, stop laughing... it's killing me slowly with it's song, killing me slowly, with calories... ok, so if laughter is not the cure, it is still the best medicine... in my religion, anyone who dies laughing goes to a special level of the next level, even if that is nowhere, man... someone who dies loving is even more special... oh how i love to sing i could die in your arms tonight again... but this parenthetic aside was not where this entry was heading... though my dreams of love seem to never be farm from any destination i might choose... if you truly believe you are as extreme a helplessly hopeful romantic as i've been, feel free to compare scars and histories... it's not a competition, it's a reality for me, a fantasy for many, and a lack of common sense when fantasy becomes reality but who's counting?... someone will someday... girl) is slightly out of control again. A week of extravagnce has left me a few hundred dollars poorer and at least a dozen pounds heavier. It's a sad sad situation (so why am I laughing so heard?... speaking of questions no one answers, are you getting any of the lyrical references?)


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