Wednesday, August 17, 2016

GSWS Austin Day One

Day one of the tournament was completely rained out. After three or more months of no rain and weeks of 100+ degree temperatures (according to the locals), the storms can and flash flooding started. Sad and disappointed, we wandered around aimlessly most of the day waiting for some word on whether we would play and when, but finally we heard the worst, all games cancelled. It appears the forecast for tomorrow may cancel the whole round robin portion of the series, which would suck.

Beav's wife (who did not make the trip) has Elite Gold or Platinum status at the JW so we have keys for the Executive Lounge where we get free breakfast and the royal treatment. That's the most fun part of the trip so far. While most of the teams were staying together, our team was staying at four different locations and had little communication. A few of us staying at the Marriott because the "Marriott Crew" in a text group and we explored downtown Austin between raindrops. Mostly we spent time in restaurants or bars. Waiting.

I ought to have a lot of time to ramble (write) this week, but the bummer of the rain is dampening my desire to record every little thing we do (or don't do, which is mostly what we do). So send sunshine and hope for dry fields tomorrow.

Are you having fun? :)

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