Friday, November 4, 2016

Back To a Routine (Sort of)

Not the ideal routine and only partially, but at least softball is back and that is one of the most solid grounding activities (and much needed exercise) I've got in this life these days. I was awake until about 5:30 am today working on a job assignment so I slept past noon again. After waking I finished reviewing the job assignment, edited and tweaked it, and sent it out. Hope rises slightly, though only slightly. Then I unpacked a bit more and found a couple of essential items. I set up the desk so everything is as right for me as it can be here (except a clock, I need to find the clock) and then showered and sat down here to write the summary of the past few days.

I found a CD in the boxes and it is playing, but halfway through it is skipping and I am not sure if it is the laptop CD player or the CD. The CD is old, but then, so is the laptop. I think this is the first time playing it. It is a compilation CD from a music magazine. I liked the first few songs, but after about a half hour it's skipping too much to enjoy. Anyway, it is approaching time to dress and head out for softball. I must remember longer driving distances now that I am staying in a new location farther from the fields.

Listening to music, iTunes just crashed itself due to memory and process errors and they keep popping up and the laptop lost it's desktop and start menu bar and status bar but...

I was just typing after the but... above but it is allowing me to type into this notepad and apparently save it when the laptop rebooted (no BSOD, just a reboot... I wonder if Windows decided it was time to interrupt me and update itself yet again). The hard drive is spinning like crazy as it is still rebooting something, but we are back for now. Just in time for me to pause and put the laptop to sleep (because it BSOD crashes within five minutes of inactivity if I don't) and head out to softball. Until I return, I will leave you to ponder this beep...

Look, let's face it, the English language is a mess and it's probably why we are a mess too. After all, we use it to communicate and how successful can we be if our language does not even follow it's own rules or make much sense. Yeah, it's a word puzzle we may never figure out. That is why I need to find the one because we will evolve human consciousness, communicate without words, save life on Earth, and live happily ever after (beep).

Returning from softball... a disappointing outing as the other team got the chance to warm up their bats in the first three innings on at least ten errors and by the time they came around for the third time I was not stopping them. We gave them six outs in the first, eight outs in the second, a five outs in the third but held them to no runs in the third. I am counting simple ground balls that should have been outs as outs. Hitting is so much about confidence and they had all of theirs so after giving up 9 runs all on errors in the first two, their better hitters came up again in the fourth and they were give six outs and hit three home runs. We stopped hitting, though I knocked in a run in the fourth. Using the six outs we gave them in the fifth, they closed out the game 18-8. Some nights are like that, especially when players play out of position because some players could not make it and we had a few subs.

After the game another team asked if we'd play another game because the team they were supposed to play didn't show up I was all for that cuz I can't get enough softball and I wanted to get the sour taste of giving away a win out of my mouth. Then it started raining, lightly at first, but by the third inning it was coming down way too heavy and we heading home, but soaking wet. Too wet to go hang out in an air conditioned sports bar. So I looked for food on the way home but there was nothing open in my neighborhood except a sports bar and I thought I was stuck going there, but found a pizza place about to close (at 10 pm, so I better plan food better) and they had a few slices available that I got cheap. Here I am at The Maharaja's and I showered and we chatted a bit and here we are babbling about the evening. Midnight fast approaches, so another day, another entry, la dee dah and ta ta for now and nite nite love ya cha cha cha :)

Narf :)

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