Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Well that's over.

Excuse me, I just had to lol... and yes I am laughing at the paranoia and division that has gripped this country because it is so sad and I don't want to be sad. Altogether too much sadness and stupidity going around so i decided to stay home today and spend time on Facebook (because it's such an intelligent and comforting place to be).

Sarcasm will save you if you let it. :)

After getting home from playing cards last night, I found The Maharaja on the couch watching the election report on his laptop (no cable TV or any TV here, but CNN had a live stream of sorts... talking heads talking politics and repeatedly showing the same numbers as if they meant something and very infrequently showing incremental changes that still didn't decide anything... it's like watching a car crash in frame by frame motion at a fifty thousand frames a second, or something like that... and billions were probably watching and telling each other to shush so they could hear the talking heads repeating themselves as they talked about nothing) and I found out that it was looking like Hillary was going to be Trumped, which is scary, all kidding aside, because it might empower the hate groups that so adamantly expressed support for Trump.

I still don't think that it is the end of the world as we know it because it is a reverse of 2008 and certainly an all Democrat government did not get their laundry list of goals done then so if Trump and the Republicans gets more than one major change done, that's more than Obama did with the Affordable Care Act and even that was a compromise filled with foolishness, flaws, pre-existing failures.

So I watched the election stuff for a while and chatted with The Maharaja cuz he's a good guy and it's good to get friendlier with my host and potential roommate, however temporarily I might be here. The we agreed that greedy fools have always been running the show in our country and lives and we've survived so far, but we are continuing to go downhill. He thinks that Trump would be a lot worse for the country than Clinton, I see it bad either way and flip flop on which would be worse.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have always had restrictions (liberty is seldom achieved as many have reasons to try to restrict the liberties of others) and the groups in power now want to restrict more liberties than are restricted today. That is one of the the primary reasons for differentiating between the parties. The level of greed combined with a blind dependency on religious doctrine is another (ignoring pollution and the way we treat the planet is suicidal). Both groups will continue to use war to fuel the economy, rally false patriotism, and frighten and divide people. Both groups will continue supporting greed and the corporate policies that increase the social and economic divides and the fear-mongering that keeps people feeling powerless. Sad path we are on today.

I am just looking for a job and a clean, safe, place to live and the culture presents obstacles no matter who is in office. Focus on priorities, take care of immediate survival, be good to each other.

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