Sunday, November 27, 2016

Feel Like Sleeping

Earlier today was challenging, I woke feeling yucky. That is, the body's technical term for a cross between blah and pain. I am doing my best to rest comfortably in this environment. It is, on some levels, more comfortable than the last place in many ways, but this is not home as the room is mostly filled with The Maharaja's furniture and stuff. So it is not "my place" if you get it. The strong mold must smell does not make relaxing easy. Naturally, a meaningless complaint was filed with the board of health in my head.

As I write this (and then I think about the friends I have offline who do not read my online babbles (this one's for you, wherever you are), I am hopeful they have a sense of humor as open and comfortable and silly as mine and they are laughing too (are you laughing too?). If The Maharaja stumbles upon my endless stream of babbling in the blog world, I hope for an ego-less secure sense of humor (there's always hope as long as Douglas Adams is still writing his seven part trilogy somewhere in this universe and as long as my mind is active, he is... Robin Williams, Don Quixote, and George Carlin understand).

This could have been fun if I was not feeling so poorly. Yucky too.

I definitely do not have a lot of energy in spite of eating enough calories. I am going to let myself fall asleep soon, earlier than usual tonight, before midnight, with hope in my heart (and all that jazz). The nose dried up a bit, but not a lot when I was out playing cards. Excel called and set up an impromptu card game for us so we played some bridge. I was getting really good hands, but concentration was not always there. I still sense the sabotage from Curly while he takes playing with The Commodore much more seriously. He may not even notice how competitive he gets. When he plays, no one can talk. When others play, the chatter is as distracting as ever. Strange double standard. Whatever, I enjoyed playing when I wasn't losing focus in the fog or distraction. Randomly, maybe this makes sense to you.

Jackson texted good night, right on time.

Sweet dreams.

Narf :)

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