Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Moving Day (DDD)

Hally Lu Lu Ya, everything is moved. I forgot one thing that I know of and if Curly wants it, he can have it. It is time to sleep in spite of the excitement of being in a new space with a new roommate and the trepidation to adjusting to the challenges this new space and roommate do and may present. We will get into those details on another night. Work and play. That's life.

11/2 - Moving Day. I slept less than two hours, waking at 1:30 am to find myself still packing.

While sleep would have been sensible and wise, skipping sleep and continuing the packing was necessary because I did not feel even close to finished until almost 6 am when I laid down for a half hour or so to rest a very weary back and body. I then drove to the storage place and treated it for bugs, then drove to the U-Haul place and picked up the truck. At 7:30 am I started loading the truck and the first couple of hours were scary. I was seriously considering seeking paid help and was concerned I would not be able to do the entire job myself.

What a drag it is getting on... or old.

I knew I'd need help with some items and Lone Wolf was coming for those, but I was hoping he might help with everything and great guy (and good friend) that he is, he did. The truck was fully loaded at 12:30 pm. We decided the unloading would wait for tomorrow because we both did not get much sleep and were exhausted. We went to lunch at Sonny's, his choice. I was ready for anything. Full rack of baby back ribs and beans and sweet potato side. Splurge in calories and spending, as I paid for his lunch too. He had a lunch special, sensible spender that he is. Calories did not matter, protein and carbs did.

We decided to try unloading after lunch, his choice again, because unloading is typically easier and we both felt much better. Unloading was done by 4:30 pm ish. He headed home and I went back to get the last of the stuff that was going with me to The Maharaja's. That proved to be quite time consuming as I found some things that I missed that needed to go to the storage place and more stuff than I expected. So I loaded the car beyond max to fit everything in. Every time I went back in to check if I got everything I found something else, repeat that at least ten times. So much of Curly's stuff was there that I probably left some of mine behind even after a dozen re-checks. The $50 shower head was one thing, dang it, cuz that is really needed here (but that's another story). I dropped the storage stuff off and drove away on the final leg of the move.

The car radio let me know that the seventh game of the world series started.

Ending up listening to it on the car radio all by myself was not a fun thing to accept after all the years of living with the most avid Cubs fan in the world (ok, top 1%) and I was hungry both physically and emotionally so I drove around for a couple of hours listening to the game and searching for food. Torn between not wanting to spend money, not wanting even more calories for the day than the large high-calorie lunch I had, not wanting those extra calories to be so close to sleep time, and not wanting to set the weight loss lab-lowering health plan back even more than it has already been set back the past week and a half or so, I drove and drove.

Italian subs were calling my name, but locating a place was challenging as the Toyota Navigation system sucks and I did not want to stop to search on the iPhone (and Siri was not helpful). Maybe I was too tired to think clearly enough to communicate with logical technology, but the Toyota system sucks because it is at least 4 years old ($169 without tax for an upgrade each year) and it leads me to more closed or non-existent places than actual places that I asked it to search for. It also has terrible voice recognition. Don't buy the Toyota navigation package unless you trade your car in every year.

I finally remembered a place I liked (not top quality, but decent and priced ok) that was on the way to The Maharaja's and I bought two subs, eggplant parm and veal parm. Two orange soda cans came with them. I ate in the car in a convenience store parking lot while listening to the Cubs-Indians on the radio. Rooting for the Cubs just increased the emotional hunger for the food cuz, well, they are the cubs (laughing, but... yeah, right). The food was delicious and sitting there I ate most of both subs because after I was physically full the Cubs continued increasing my emotional hunger and , well, the subs were right there.

I started driving to The Maharaja's as the bottom of the eighth began and the Cubs closer Chapman entered the game because I was hoping it would be over and I could lay down and sleep. I drove in circles for a while then pulled over next to a sport bar just down the street from The Maharaja's and watched the ninth and tenth innings through the sports bar window as I listened in the car (more comfortable for the body) and texted back and forth with Jackson because she is the reason I am so deeply emotionally invested in the Cubs. Osmosis or something. The last two innings seemed to go on forever.

Go Cubs!

Seriously, Go Cubs!

After the game, I drove to The Maharaja's place and left the stuff in the car and laid down to sleep. I think. Technically this was my first night here but I got here after midnight quite blurry so it was tomorrow and I may have turned on the computer and scribbled some words into a file and I did take a shower, but I was so relieved the move was over and quite ecstatic about the World Series outcome.

It was a wonderfully challenging day.

Narf :)

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