Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Multiple Dailies

Having two daily blogs plus several supplemental blogs (not to mention hundreds of others) can make for a challenge at times. Which blog do I feel like writing in, and why? Does having too many blogs sabotage any chance of finding an audience, no less close friends or intimates? Is the maintenance of multiple daily blogs an ego trip that dilutes any talents I may have (or the sharing I do) or does it enhance my creativity and expand my potential contacts therein increasing the opportunities and chances for finding more meaningful sharing?

Back when I was not working a few years ago, I was much more comfortable in my own living space than I am now and that prompted multiple entries each day. More than a thousand entries poured into the previous daily blog each year in those years. I am not sure if the words flowed more freely or how the volume affected the quality or value of the entries or the blog, I just know I enjoyed the statistics and breaking records and I was not concerned about dates or times or time itself, I simply wrote what I felt when I felt like writing.

This will be continued when I am more awake...

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