Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Interrupted by Another MS BSOD

I sat down here last night I started nodding off and just went to bed. The body is struggling die reasons medical science is investigating (and annoying head cold symptoms to boot), so it was time to collapse and sleep. I slept, except for the usual waking to urinate a couple or few times, almost twelve hours. I am still tired, but much less exhausted than I was last night.

I am not exercising lately, which is concerning. The doctor said "Do not exert yourself." and I did not respond because I was not in a good place to talk to a doctor that day for internal and external reasons (waiting to be the last one taken when I had an appointment and was #6 in line), a challenge about my eligibility for care at their free clinic as incorrect information suddenly appeared on my record, a Nurse who obviously did not read my file and had no clue why I was there (I was there at the doctor's request for a follow-up on my labs that the doctor was concerned about and they didn't even have my labs because they didn't call to get them), so finally when the doctor came in I was in no mood to be there and just wanted out. The doctor was still the same and I would definitely consider her as a permanent doctor if she is in the network of whatever health insurance I get once I start working again, but I was already gone. I had no intention of not exerting myself as exercise is an integral part of the weight loss and improved health program I loosely sketched out for myself in my mind and now I am sorry I did not discuss that with her when I could.

This laptop continues to crash into a BSOD whenever it idles for more than a few minutes and if I do not remember to put it into sleep mode before stepping away, I am apt to lose words or whatever else I was working on when I stepped away so I must remember that - every freaking time!!!

Yes, I lost two entries and more that I was working on in recent hours and I am way more pissed and distracted and not in the mood to write than I was when I woke up peacefully a couple of hours ago. I have things I need to do today, so I'll just say fuck you to Microsoft and get on with my day.

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