Thursday, November 3, 2016

First Day in the New Space

This one is not finished...

Yes, well, for those of you paying attention (and especially for those of you caring), Moving Day (aka Day Two) seems to have lingered in the spotlight for a while and rightly so as it was the most major change of life for me the past six or seven months and just happened to coincide with the most major celebration for sports fan Jackson in her lifetime which, by osmosis, made it one of the most intense sports celebrations in my lifetime (and the collective energy of devoted sports fans everywhere helped) so it certainly deserves more time in the spotlight - even if that spotlight time was not planned. Truly I could have fallen in love this week if the one or someone close would have stumbled along. Alas, she didn't so it is time to move on in this life I loosely call mine to another day, or night to be more precise. (Still dancing?)

Moving into a new habitat is starting over in so many ways. Starting a new blog may happen, but I doubt I will start new daily blogs on this move as it is still very much a limbo transitional move for now for more than a few reasons that will become apparent over the next week or so of blogging and living here. Hopefully The Maharaja understands and respect my need to write the story of my life in all it's graphic dirt, drama, and details and accepts the anonymity I provide as the respect for privacy I offer and I do not offend anyone because I do not want to offend anyone, I just want to share everything with someone, the one, and how can i find her if I don't keep putting myself out here as openly and honestly as I am able?

So here I am. This is me, hiding nothing for all the world to see. Exposing everything about myself and my life and hoping someone accepts me and wants me and takes me home and hugs me and squeezes me and if they want to, calls me George.

The Maharaja is amazingly generous with his home (not to discount Curly's generosity, but comparatively Curly let me stay in a unfinished two room apartment {concrete floors, open cracked cinder block walls, exposed wiring, no sink, no air conditioning, minimal electric, covered windows, and so on... in other words, not a place anyone would actually rent for anything other than a storage garage} in a house where he rented two other apartments so it was not a home he lived in. He used the two room apartment for storage (still does) and I moved all the stuff (paint cans, tiles, pipes, wood, plasterboard, and assorted stuff for building places) from one room into the other room so I could have a room to sleep and sit and work in and that was still generous, but as I said it was not his home he had to share with me. It was more a garage in a property he owned so much less intrusive than sharing living space (and a shower and fridge and kitchen and living room and driveway and so on) in your home every day like the Maharaja is doing if you know what I mean). Being generous my whole life has attracted some generous people so I am very lucky.

So here we are, first day waking in the new space.

I slept until just past noon. The first day here I spent some time online, showered, emailed, moved the stuff in from the car into the room, put the portable clothes hanging rack together and hung up clothes, unpacked a little, stored the boxes under the clothes, semi-set up the desk space, showered, and then headed to Excel and the Commodore's for dinner (they ordered Chinese, shrimp in black bean sauce for me... someday, when I have income again, I must treat them to several dinners as they feed me at least once a week and take my dietary needs into consideration). I had to stop at the store to pick up a few essential things I could not find (packing in a hurry, alas) and I picked up extra shrimp and I must head back to get more as they are on sale. We played, had fun, and it was a lot less tense than last time. I actually played and made a Seven No Trump which put me in second place and Excel in third. The Commodore finished first and Curly finished last and for the first time in a while he openly showed scores (who knows if they are accurate, but I stopped caring about competing or playing with numbers long ago), though not to me. I ignored the slight, but was able to see the order of names from across the table. After cards I headed back here and started a new notepad file marking this new space and started catching up on babbling, but then checked email and found a pre-interview, pre-hire job assignment that I worked on until 5am.

This year, even though I've been here before, it's actually living in The Maharaja's home.

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