Saturday, November 5, 2016

Slow Walk To The Same Old Thing

Another day begins (at midnight) and we shall see how long this play by play of the day by day (almost hour by hour) continues. I could not find my headphones even though I could swear I packed two of them so I am not turning on music or the TV because The Maharaja's house has a headphones rule to respect privacy and concentration. I am wondering if this keyboard is annoying with my door open as it is not silent like the laptop keyboard. I just don't want the heat of the laptop on my lap so I use a lightweight keyboard. Slowly, but surely, I will find my way to comfort in spite of the challenges the environment and life presents cuz that is what I do, enjoy life and find comfort. Here, watch this.

Dang if I remember what I just linked, but it must have been something. I mean, I don't insert random links about just anything, after all lol.

I know I did stuff today. Yes, that's right, I did stuff. Some stuff on the computer, and then, more stuff. Some more unpacking stuff. I still have not put together the wire box shelves and that isa sign of not being comfortable here, but I am working on the whole comfort thing as I may have mentioned earlier before I reached for anonymous random distraction. I blame Facebook.

Yes, so I did stuff like unpacking, job searching, email, and Facebook.

Then I went out to the Beer, Bacon, and Barbecue festival way uptown where I used to live and browsed the food boothes until I was quite stuffed with bacon and barbecue, or something like that. Two out of B's ain't bad. The food was not great, but it was almost reasonably priced and certainly meat, meat, and more meat. Most importantly, getting out for a beautiful Saturday afternoon was definitely a good thing even if it was high in calories and not great for digestion and the fecal exit issue.

I called Harpo and talked him into browsing around with me, even though he did not eat. He got out to walk and be outside and socialize a bit, which is a good thing because he's been down lately and mostly sulking and stewing and hibernating. I wish he could just find a way to heal, but then, I understand his obsession and the trap he's placed himself in is not completely his doing. Letting go of dreams and accepting devastating losses is, like breaking up, hard to do.

The day sailed by and the evening came, so Harpo and I parted ways and I headed to Excel and The Commodore's place for a small Saturday game night. Two of Excel's friends were there (I am not sure I named them for the blog yet and I am too distracted and irreverent to be naming anybody just now as my sense of humor is absurdly too visceral and I would likely insult them, so let's just call them Excel's friends for now). They were playing a game called RoboRally and I arrived in time to sit in.

There was pizza (Hungry Howie's, mostly bread and high carbs) and I indulged even after the meat indulgences all day. Pity the fool who has to sit on the stool and release all this shit later. Wow, those were some crappy puns, weren't they? I've been craving cheese and chocolate lately after being strict for more than six weeks and the lab results do not seem to be as much motivation as they were at first. If only I had health insurance I could get a doctor and more frequent lab tests and maybe have a bit of healthy progress to carry me along in the quest to reduce or raise the lab results to closer to optimal levels.

After RoboRally Excel's friends left and we played Bridge. Some of the usual tensions with Curly, but I may be learning how to ignore and just play the game (I've been wearing my Just Play The Game T-Shirt to Bridge nights and I think it may be having a subliminal positive effect). I would welcome some more physical exercise and healthy eating nights, but I love playing cards and games too and they are as sedentary as people get in their recreational choices. Actually, in their life choices as only Curly has a physical job. Everyone else is quite extremely obese. (including Excel's two friends).

But I will do my best not to blame them or take it out on them here just because I am making unhealthy choices by following their activity and food eating lead. I can still do exercise when I am not hanging out with them and dangit, I had better get back to that before I completely unravel the good I've done over the past two months. Yeah, so there's my pep talk and I'll thank them silently for providing the reminder of what happens when one is too sedentary and eats too much high calorie food.

Feel free to let the one know I'll be good.

Narf :)

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