Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sweating the Cubbies

You know the story, no TV and I must continue packing so I am not at a sport bar and even if I was to take a break from packing (which would be quite foolish as I may not be done before the truck is to be picked up as it is), I don't want to be at a sports bar alone and I don't know if any Cubs fan friends are out there but I need to be here packing so...

No radio because ESPN does not come in well in Orlando, especially not north of Orlando and that is where I am so ESPN and other radio stations suck around here and I already spent way too much time searching for the Cubs game on the cheap little boom box so I texted Jackson asking her to update me on the game and...

The internet is busy and this laptop does not handle streaming radio well (if seems to do better with streaming TV) so I did finally find the game on espnradio.com but I've listened to more commercials than game because the laptop went BSOD (that's blue screen of death) three times already and each time I have to wait for Windows to "collect information" and then force a shut down and wait a minute and then reboot and that takes longer than ever and then tell the browser not to restore pages and then reopen a new browser and then enter the web address for espnradio and then click on the link because entering an address still does a search and doesn't go right to the page like it used to before Microsoft forced update after update (like they did during one of the previous World Series games last week) and then click on the link to "listen" to the streaming broadcast and then listen to the 30 second commercial even if a grand slam is being hit live because espn forces a 30 second commercial before allowing a listener to even get to the broadcast with every re-connect and then click on the play button for the live broadcast.

Wait, I'm not done. The BSODs happened with Chrome so I opened Edge and went through that long process I just described for a fourth time with Edge and after listing to the commercial and clicking play, Edge would not stream the broadcast...

so I closed Edge and opened Firefox and went through that process again and listened to another 30 second commercial again and finally got back to the live streaming radio broadcast and sure enough, I missed everything. I had missed the first inning when the Cubs scored three runs and I missed the third inning where the Cubs loaded the bases and someone hit a grand slam, Addison Russell, I think. Must be a great game to watch... or listen to.

Hi, how are you? lol lam sigh :)

Back to packing cuz the truck gets picked up in less than twelve hours and I have a lot more to do and I really would be unwise to not get a good sleep in tonight because I am already exhausted with physical labor and stress and the actually move on to and off a truck does not start until morning.

Who's the crazy fool, yes that's right, I'm the crazy fool.

Narf :)

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