Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Softball Follies (and Food)

Softball Sunday. Three games, we won two and lost one. Nine players showed up for the most critical day of the season. We really need to pick up a few more reliable solid players. A couple of key players missing, but we squeaked out two wins because I was able to shut down two of the teams well. We had to put everyone in the lineup, even those who are usually subs. One guy struck out every time he was up except once and more than a dozen runs were scored because we did not throw home because he does not catch well. Missing our first baseman left us moving players around and hurt our infield. A couple of others were 0-fer at the plate for the day and our clean-up hitter was hitting poorly. Tumbling and bumbling in the outfield continued.

All in all, the wins surprised me as we played the first, second, and third place teams. We lost to the first place team who are now 12-0 on the season. Two of our loses are to them and the first time they've beaten us in several years. They finally learned how to hit me and my defense was not all there today. We definitely will not be competitive at the World Series with this team. heck, we likely will not even qualify next season if we do not pick up at least one solid outfielder, a solid catcher, and a solid back-up utility player or two. Too many of the good players missed too many of the games this season and our subs hurt our chances to win.

Still love the game and wanted to play more after the third game.

It is no coincidence that my Fantasy Football team name is Softball Addicts :)

Meanwhile, catching up on the hours since last entry, I stopped and shopped some time recently - I believe after cards and games last night, but then, I think I lost some words in a crash or two over the weekend... alas. All that food I ate needed some release too and I wanted to give it some help as I had not been pooping consistently since moving in here (dirty seat, dirty bathroom, mold and mildew and all that are deterrents to comfortable a potty experience, since you must know all the details lol). I bought a laxative (cuz I did not want to buy a huge prune juice and could not find a small one) and more Prep-H and some OTC fungal creams and suppositories that may be going back as I need to do more research... and more. You can find some more details about the body challenges in the body blog that really ought to be updated more, especially since I had some good news for more than several weeks in a row in the past couple of months. Celebrate the successes, fool!

Yeah, so after showering I was up last night until after 4 am catching up on blog post uploads and browsing the internet and trying to get some peaceful time for job searching since my daytime hours are interrupted by political phones calls and texts so much these days. Damn Democrats (not that I am Republican, but the Republicans aren't calling and and texting and harassing me multiple times a day - interrupting my job search). I did release (TMI for some of you coming) two rather massive poops, one last night and one after waking today, because you just had to know, and much pain (and some bleeding, both of which have increased since moving in here and while discomfort is part, I am concerned that the high levels of mold is playing a role too) even though they were soft. Wanna see the photo? Find the blog lol.

After softball I headed to the local sports bar (like there are only a dozen in the area, but when I say the local sports bar I mean Kiwi's and I have no idea if that is any reference to the island nation next to Oz (teasing Kiwi friends, naturally), but I had very excellent experiences and a few wonderful fantasy lovers from both lands down under so it is no surprise to the bar with that name is a favorite. Now if there were only a few down under accents running around the place, but let's leave that for another time when the kids aren't still awake).

Oooo, hot down under sex talk, when when? lol lam :)

Twenty wings for dinner, half hottest teriyaki (which was not very hot and mostly teriyaki, alas) and half garlic with a side carrots, celery, and blue cheese and another side of of sweet corn nuggets with water and lemon, yes, take that anus. Fool, pity the fool. I met a dozen or so friends there after heading over with two friends. We already have a bit of a tradition for Friday nights at Kiwi's and now it seems Sunday evenings may be be added to the schedule for at least the next few weeks (the Sunday softball season is over in a couple of weeks). I really need to get back to working so I can pay for all this social life and dining out. Yes, and working out to burn calories every day (and improve my power at the plate, not to mention my overall health and potential life span) would be wise too. It's gonna get fun in this life any day now lol.

Narf :)

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