Thursday, November 17, 2016

Summary Court Marshall

Ah, so as some may see by the title, I am either calling myself out on the carpet or mocking myself for calling myself out on the carpet or having a military nightmare (PTSD is a bitch, but I laugh in it's general direction as well) or casting stones are my glass house or some such odd thing-a-ma-bob (or something like that) so be prepared, be very prepared.

Heck if I know for what lol. After all, until the last ten days of entries are uploaded, I haven't been here for a week, right? Have you missed me? How much? Oh come on, you can admit it. I missed me and I'm quite the critically particular character. Peculiar, no doubt.

Well, as I said, there are a whole lot of words in the files (as writing continues almost always in some way or form or another in this life) and a whole lot more in the Facebook activity log (which is a precarious archive I did not back up recently and that is not even counting the old profile if I ever get around to sending a driver's license or other legal document to them to reopen it if it is still there) and still a whole lot more in emails (mostly to J... hi J, but the occasional other pops up now and then) and letters (yes, I still write letters to friends even though they {the friends} may be long out of touch and they {the web sites where letters to friends are sometimes shared after some de-personalization to respect privacy} have not been updated in years) and even more to catch up on (did I mention these daily blogs, the secondary informational blogs, the topic-specific blogs, the creative blogs, and life in general, whatever that means) and sort and somehow share online, at least in part, but for now, at least in recent days (weeks?... months?... ok, stop that now lol), I don't seem to be too organized.

More of the usual.

The usual, that is, not just some mental disorganization cuz I kind of like the chaos keeping me amused and occupied and distracted when I am alone), but also the same old routine that has been what I do since I stopped working, except I spent a lot more time on Facebook in recent weeks mostly because many of my friends are not dealing with the reports of the results of the Presidential election well at all mostly because as many of my friends on and offline are minorities or gay or both and the vitriol from the apparent new President over the past year and a half has them seriously scared. There are also some drama queens (and what I'd consider some over the edge reactions, though nothing that extreme from from anyone close to me... though within three degrees of contact I know of at least one suicide) in the bunch, but there is genuine reason to be concerned about rights and liberties and freedoms and abusive behavior, not to mention the benefits of living in a social Democracy. Sadly, This country is full of arrogant bullies on both sides of the political isle.

I think the title of this entry describes what a lot of people are going through right now in this country. I've spend most of the last week consoling people online or on the phone. Many seem to believe that the new President is a monster who will hurt them by taking away their rights and empowering other people who will get violent. Others are gloating quite cruelly given people are hurting. There are many claims to support that fear even if some is anecdotal, I still must shake my head and the despair about humanity is growing instead of diminishing. I had such hopes for humanity to increase enlightenment and actually reach a new stage of collective consciousness even though it is still a child species. Sigh.

Even though much time is being spent on Facebook (long live Bugs Webbot lol), I am still balancing hope with despair and reading all sorts of interesting stuff in spite of politics (and keeping my sense of humors alive and well) and even adding music back to the mix which is always one of the best signs of positive life for me.

I have not settled into any sort of TV watching pattern here as the bedrooms are really close and I do not want the TV to disturb The Maharaja (we do use the name lovingly) who has been so very generous and welcoming and accomodating during this month I am staying here. I believe I have decided that I am staying here for December and possibly January as his invitation remains encouragingly open-ended and for December I will peel off some savings to contribute to to his mortgage as this month I just contributed some house expenses. He repeatedly reassures me that I do not need to give him anything which is so much like me in the giving help and the financial aspect of life that it is a little scary because I know the binds I've gotten into (heck, I am in a deep one now, aren't I?) by letting people stay in space I pay for without contributing for extended periods.

I am off to eat and then play Bridge. Hopefully Curly will behave and not try to pick a fight as he did Tuesday and too often recently. He is really getting more childish lately as he is still escalating the tension whenever I play better than he does (which is anytime I really try to win, unfortunately). Excel even asked if I feel comfortable continuing to come play. Ridiculous bit of attempted bullying going on and he won't acknowledge it or begin to say why. I suspect it's the political madness as he is hard core conservative and he sees me as very liberal (which I am in many ways) as he continuously mentions how so many lazy people want to live off the government and not work and I have not worked this year - though i haven't applied for or taken anything from the government or anyone else except the non-profit free clinic for three visits. Politics breaks up friendships for real and he seems to be going there more and more.

Anywa, lots of unfinished business in the brain (as we know, I have not been updating here the dirt, drama, and details (and any other cranial clutter) is processed... you remember the process, right? The links and more entries (here and likely a whole lot more elsewhere) will be added later, I hope.

Yup, that's a plan.

Narf :)

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