Monday, November 21, 2016

Sunday Softball Concludes (and the fun goes on)

I am extremely tired so this entry might be full of typos and rather incomplete in spots and may be edited and or added to tomorrow, but for now, this was the day that was. Today was a full afternoon of softball fun and then an evening of softball celebrating at the award banquet and then a night of just plain old fun bat hopping. Yes, I went bar hopping. I know, it is not my cup of tea, so to speak, but I wanted social life. I spent no money at the bars and got no negativity from anyone and I enjoyed being with people and the conversation and the entertainment (except for the smoking, but we spent most of the night outside even though the temperature dropped below 50 degrees {I know, frigid weather for Florida} and I was still in a T-Shirt).

Also, the laptop died and I lost some profound words while writing this, so I am mourning and pissed and that might effect my affect and the tone of this entry because a large part of me wants to throw this laptop out the window and drop a nuke on the Microsoft corporation because their operating system is so (no sufficiently satisfying expletive) unreliable.

I enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in, though it was interrupted a couple of times by the phone, though I did not wake up enough to answer or read. A text from Jackson and a couple of calls, one from an unknown number and one from harpo while I was asleep last night. He calls at odd hours sometimes. Jackson was letting me know her parents were in town and going to be at her game, but when I woke it was too late since the text was an hour before her game so whatever... I decided to stop arranging my schedule to go to her games because she doesn't let me know when she is not showing up and she doesn't seem to care one way or another if I am there and we don't talk beyond a brief hug hello and goodbye and she doesn't come to my games anymore and all that (and fewer texts and rarely seeing each other) points to the overall drifting away that seems to be what she wants so I am giving her what she wants as far as I can tell... it is tough to know because she does not communicate through words very often... it is also tough to be an afterthought (her parents don't come into town impulsively so if she wanted me to be there or share any time she'd have let me know during the week or at least the day before), especially after giving as much as I gave for so long {not to mention hearing all her promises of reciprocation... recalling how she used to tease our closeness by saying how "You're stuck with me" stings a bit more than I'd like it to since we now don't talk more than a few minutes a month, if that much and a few words in text seem to be all she can give... ok, let's not let the mood the laptop crashing and loss of words influence my thoughts here... I accept and love her as she is because I adopted her and she is my family and I will continue doing whatever I can for he when she needs something because that is what families do and she will grow and mature in her own time. Faith in her, hope for family.

Anyway, back to life as I know it for anyone interested...

I woke around 11 am to give myself a couple of hours before I had to be at the fields. I sat back and relaxed and babbled freely (massive entry to follow elsewhere) until it was time to shower and head to the fields. It was a beautiful day for softball with temperatures in the 60s. More softball below. After the last game I headed home and showered and wrote some more before heading to the end of season banquet at Southern Nights, one of the frequented haunts by our league (on the gay nightclub circuit as Sunday is the local LGBT league sanctioned by NAGAAA, the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association) where we ate some barbecue and chicken and mac and cheese and salad catered by The Hammered Lamb, a local pub. Lots of good food (None on my healthy weight loss diet though, alas). Lots of people, lots of hugs, lots of awards. No meaningful romance or hot passionate sex, at least not for me (ah, so the snarky sarcasm seems to be returning after all), but still lots of fun.

After the banquet a group of us (friends from the B Division Circus team along with some of my team and some others) went bar hopping to The Savoy for a couple of hours and then we hopped to P-House and hung out for the midnight show at P-House and after that we headed to I-Hop for food. I did not need the food. I am way too stuffed, just like old times, not good. I reprimand myself in my general direction. Tomorrow I start the reversal of the past week's eating pattern. Today, all in all, was a fun day, evening, and night.

Hope you had a fun Sunday too. :)

Now to catch up on softball... The softball season is almost over, alas, with two of my three leagues done. We finished in third place (out of four teams with two teams at 7-2 and two teams at 3-6 and 2-7 respectively, an unfair imbalanced league we hope will improve next season as it is not fun to play against teams who are so good they toy with other teams which amounts to half the games being not fun) on Friday nights.

We finished third place on Sundays (after starting 1-3 thanks to key people not showing up for critical games against teams that finished 13-1 and 11-3, two teams that accounted for three of our four loses) and finishing 9-1 for the last nine for an overall 14-4 record. We averaged scoring 13 runs a game and averaged giving up 7 runs a game, but that includes at least a half dozen games where I deliberately pitched meatballs for the last inning or two because we had a huge lead and I had control of the other team's hitters and felt my defense was confident behind me. I don't like completely shutting down teams because it is supposed to be a fun league and I know it is no fun for a team to get completely shut down so I give them a chance to hit when we have a big lead. That also gives my defense practice they would not get in a complete shut down game. We have the best infield defense in the league by far when they are on and confident. Outfield can use some work.

Hopefully the team will show up to the critical games next season because next season's finish determines the World Series berths (it is in Portland, Oregon next year) and only the first and second place teams make it. I will go anyway with one of the two teams that make it, but it would be nice if my team took it seriously because we can make it if we do. We did finished highest of any local teams in this year's World Series in Austin.

Monday night has two weeks left and we play a team we are tied with for fourth this week and a team we are a half game behind (at the moment) next week which determines if we make the playoffs. Monday night has three teams that don't belong, two way too good (one who will not lose a game and the other who's only loses come to the first team who are too good to lose a game) and one that won't win a game this season. At least we finish the season playing the two other teams with whom we are evening matched. Those are fun games, but six out of ten games are so not fun that the league needs to get that right to justify charging $400 a season.

Guess I will start making a point to wake up Saturday mornings and travel way across town to play with the seniors from now on. I wonder if they are playing next Saturday give it's Thanksgiving weekend. I shall check when I see some of them tomorrow night as they play on another field at the same complex where I play on Monday nights.

So now, right here, you have a fairly comprehensive summary of the day that was today as it slowly becomes yesterday as well as a summary of the current softball season . What else would you like to know? Come on, this is supposed to be an interactive process, after all.

Narf :)

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