Saturday, November 26, 2016

Twenty-Five Roaches (and assorted sundries)

Well, just when I thought the mold was really getting to me (and it is, though the body may be learning to adapt a bit), I found a roach in the bathroom at least two inches long. So I pulled out the bug spray and sprayed. A few hours later I went back to the bathroom and found twenty five dead roaches of assorted sizes all over the bathroom floor. I apparently found a nest within the wall behind the toilet. Now I need to figure out how to keep them from crawling on me in bed while I am sleeping tonight. Fun thought, no doubt. I need sleep.

This old house is very poorly cleaned and probably has not treated for bugs in many years. This is the first room I have slept in since moving to Florida more than two and a half decades ago that I did not treat for insects before moving into it. Most of the stuff in this room belongs to The Maharaja and spraying bug spray in this room will be tricky. So boric acid power shall be the method of choice. Just when I put a freeze on spending, I will purchase a few containers of boric acid tomorrow and try to sleep peacefully tonight.

I don't think I am going to turn the light out.

So what else is new? Watching TV today. Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior. For me, it is poorly cast. The lead is not a leader, especially not of a psychologically based behavioral analysis unit. He's a supportive character, which is probably why the much calmer Director of the FBI is an integral part of the show. The leader of this sort of unit must be the calming force, not the emotional head-case trying to be the leader. Jeanine Garofalo, senior special agent, would have been a better choice for the role. The show is way too programmed as well. Weak story lines, mediocre character development, illogical leaps, and way too predictable.

I started filing in some back entries, but am quite disappointed in the lack of energy and enthusiasm. A complete absence of creativity. Mediocrity (perhaps inspired by mediocrity?) or just the low energy not feeling well life challenges type of week it's been.

Jackson stayed in town this holiday, which is rare as she is close to her family and always went to them in prior years while we were living together. She is sick and medicating. She went to Brandi's family dinner and I am sad that I was pretty much just cut out of her life, but that's her choice and so on and blah blah blah. I had invites, I stayed home alone. I am feeling just a bit better this evening, less runny nose, less scratchy throat, less body aches. In case it matters.

I ate a cup of microwave Velveeta and shells with a few additives (a teaspoon of low fat mayo, a sliver of butter, a big blob of ketchup) and a bag of small shrimp. For breakfast, as mentioned in the prior entry, I had fudge sticks and for lunch I had cheese doodles and french onion dip. The shells and shrimp were dinner. I just had a late night snack of cheese doodles and potato chips, just to prove to myself that I am crazy and can ignore my best interests. Or something like that. Maybe tomorrow the strict healthy weight loss diet will finally begin again.

I am happy to report I had two bowel movements in the past twenty four hours and there was no pain or blood. The laxatives soften the fecal material enough and a week without any solid waste may have given the lesion time to heal enough to stay closed as long as I keep this up. I really hate becoming dependant on laxatives, but the bool and anemia was really started to scare me and since I won't even see the GI Specialist until the 19th and a colonoscopy is only a maybe some time next year, I have to do something. The fungal cream is working and I'll keep using it a little while longer, tapering off. The laxative is working, so I will try half dosing after another week or so. The blood pressure meds seem to be stabilizing, though the Tinnitus is really annoying. The fatigue and blah is still lingering, but I am hoping to refocus and take control of that mentally. My fingers are crossed that my self-treatment (and self-medication) works.

Tomorrow I have a busy day. Helping Tinman move and then dinner and a show with Jane. Somewhere in there I must stop at a store for the boric acid and also for yogurt and butter and a few other things. I also need to deposit some money in the bank as I am finally out of money there and must break into my emergency car payment funds as all the survival funds will be depleted when the current credit card balance is paid. Laundry is on the list of things I must do as well, but that and the banking will likely spill over to Sunday or Monday. Writing al this will hopefully remind me to do these things.

Life sucks a bit these days (and not just because no adorable dancing girl showed up to fill seduce me with her charms), so it may be time for a distraction (roaches really suck), so here is a bit of random biology for us. This distraction is brought to us by

Biology is the study of life. Life is explained in the form of truths and even the very complicated facets can be logically explained and simplified by this subject. Byju’s educational philosophy tries to look around in the day to day life and learn from the processes that are going on. Sincerely studying this subject can get you a good job and respect but the practical application it has and the details of them would leave you in tears. The Biology subject has a reputation to be long drawn and heavy thus Byju’s takes a different approach. This post is all about the various interesting facts that the subject entails.
--When the world goes cold and the natural resources are at a low people who like to have a hot cup of coffee will have to shout for around eight years, seven months and six days before the sound energy is enough to heat up the coffee.

--The pressure in our human heart is enough to send blood squirting up to around ten feet in the air. Just like a pressure pump!

--The color of the blood is red due to the iron in our blood that has been bound with porphyrin which is a ring of atoms. It’s due to this shape of the structure that the color of the blood is red. The higher the amount of oxygen in the blood the more red it will seem.

--Banging one’s head against the wall requires around hundred and fifty calories per hour. Although I don’t think you’ll be up for the second hour.

--The ant that we know well has an ability to lift around fifty times its weight and can pull more than thirty times its weight.

--Elephants can’t jump. Just like cows can’t fly. Just imagine if they would be able to do that.

--Starfishes do not have a brain. It’s good, believe me, or they would have invented problems that didn’t exist then give themselves a headache over them problems.

--People are more scared of spiders than death! It’s a strange thought to think of when one considers the reality that spider clean themselves profusely after having touched a human.

--The appendix that was considered useless once by the biological society has now been found to be helping our digestive system. It contains bacteria useful for the process.

--A person would have to fart for six year and nine months so that they have enough gas to create the energy required for an atomic bomb. Creating an atom bomb doesn’t seem so easy now, does it?
Students can learn various other facts and interesting topics by watching the video lectures or graphical articles by visiting us. A huge spectrum of cool topics concerning every subject can be explored and learned more about on the Byju’s website.

Make the most of your time - you never know when nature will call for pest control.

Narf :}

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