Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Mania

I have ignored this day, election day, in the past. I do my best to avoid political discussions most of the time, but Facebook and the climate of human hostility and stupidity this year was more dominated by politics than it has been in some time and I have had to increase interactions with humans I don't know because I am looking for a job, so I have read and discussed the election madness more than usual. A whole lot of mistakes going on from my perspective with the Democrats repeating their year 2000 know-it-all arrogance and the Republicans going off the deep end with their Tea Party fear, hate, and control freak-itis. I was happy to be all done with it in spite of the irritations (all the escalating solicitation phone calls were really getting annoying), but today this meaningless complaint just had to rant out of my head so I could be sure I did what I could to address the increasing invasion of my personal privacy by the Democrats.

The Democratic Party simply interrupted my sleep, my meals, my activities, and most important today, my job searching too many times to ignore. Their consequence is losing one vote for a while (not that the other party will get it unless they literally reverse their course, open their eyes, and accept opinions other than their own). My vote is a drop of water in their ocean, so they may not care, but we each are sold the illusion that every vote counts in spite of the reality that both major parties manipulate votes and voters so much it and have such similar goals on so many levels that, well, is a farce... but enough political ranting.

I did get to send out two resumes and applied for one job online in spite of the Democrats phone calls and texts. The most irritating thing is the fact that I am job searching means I can not block unknown numbers. The fact that every unknown number brings me a rush of adrenaline and a peak of stress as I take a deep breath and prepare for a job interview call makes their continued calling from different unknown numbers (more than two dozen this week alone) abusive on several levels. Any lawyers out there?

I am off to play cards now that my day of job searching is done.

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