Saturday, November 19, 2016

Wow, Fat Tigue

Two days in a row of Chinese buffet with four hours of painting and five vials of blood taken and the body is reacting big time (bloat, fatigue, discomfort). Timeline... Tuesday awake early after two hours sleep, doctor, storage, home for 3 hour nap, evening dinner at Curly's a rib and a chicken wing and some other foods - sauces and salt, no water, home late, slept ok... Wednesday wake mid-morning, fast (no food), home, limited activity - computer all day (job search, Facebook, emails, browsing, etc). Thursday waking mid-morning, computer (I think), evening Crazy Buffet yummy lots of shrimp and sweet and spicy foods, two soups (spicy seafood and hot and sour), veggies, duck, mackerel, eggplant, string beans, broccoli, onions, mushrooms. Then to Excel's for Bridge - no food or water, home late, four hours sleep... Friday, awake 9 am for painting at Tinman's (he was more than 30 minutes late so I sat in the car in front of his new place hoping I was at the right address... two neighbors eyeballed me and I was not sure parking was allowed on his street, but no other interactions) until 3ish, then to labs - 85 oz water in 30 minutes before labs - and then to storage and then to Hoy Yan buffet yummy, lots of sweet and spicy foods, sushi (3 pieces, cream cheese, avocado, tuna/crab), sashimi (six pieces, tuna and salmon), shrimp, chicken, duck, ribs, kielbasa, beefy onions, chicken veggies, string beans, broccoli, eggplant, onions, mushrooms, three crab rangoons, hot and sour soup, a fried banana, a little rice, and condiments (spicy mayo, eel sauce, duck sauce, mustard) - urinated twice at buffet - then home to computer, fell asleep in chair, computer crashed BSOD as usual, just shut it down and urinated and then to bed early without shower or changing.

Woke 3x to urinate, slept in clothing very restlessly waking several times to roll over, uncomfortable, hard mattress, pillows not right, eh. Then finally woke very groggy to urinate again after screaming (unpleasant dream - group of people came into an home/office where I was staying to complain to the business but the owners (friends I was staying with) were away due to death in family so I tried to help but they were 10+ people all complaining and talking and some trying to snoop into paperwork and my personal phone so I raised my voice and told them to get out of the office now but told one to stay and I would try to reach my friends and and then there were other people closer to me who were yelling in the office as I tried to see a phone and I called another friend by mistake and then I could not hear because two people were yelling at each other in the small office so I yelled at the a few times and they ignored me until I screamed and they looked at me) and that's when I woke up to urinate and come here to write this feeling way groggy, abdominal discomfort (muscular from laying down too long uncomfortable I think), blah.

An hour later (at least) - a bit better now. Just a little yucky bloat. Crotch itch. Should have showered before sitting down last night. Belly bloated. Discomfort (fading). Disorientation (fading). Fatigue. Reaction to food? To change in meds? To paint fumes or hangover? To painting exercise? To sleeping poorly? To water OD or hangover? Sugar levels? Other?

The universe gets the questions, I move along without answers. Another day, Saturday, need shower (The Maharaja is sleeping... hopefully the water won't wake him but old house and bathroom right next to his bedroom - though he says he sleeps deep - though it is morning and he may be awake soon). Text from him overnight that one of his couch-surfing friends will be staying here tonight in his office room which is the small bedroom between his and mine. Female... maybe we'll fall in love or share made passions (ha ha ha - just when the body is so not at it's peak, aye? lol lam) - back to seriousness (as much as that happens here) she may let herself in, the text said so he may not be home until late.

My plan is meet Tinman at his new house to pain more hours (about 11:30 am then pick up Helen at 5:30 pm - take change of clothes) to go to Crazy Buffet (yes, again - eat lighter tonight - walk/exercise after - balance food, salts, and water) and then unknown. Probably back here to relax and computer - definitely shower even if The Maharaja's couch surfer is already here and the bedroom area seems crowded. Tomorrow is the last Sunday softball of the season and have one game scheduled but could play more if ties happen.

Feeling fat. Feeling fatigue. Feeling lower torso bloat and discomfort. Get up and shower and move around.

Start the day.

Narf. :)

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