Saturday, November 26, 2016

Lost Details

Not sure just where they went, or if they were even here. As I said (briefly, in other words, in case it matters), memory is a fog in the distance. A whole Friday is a blur of vague subject matter. I believe I watched some more TV. Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior, I think, and I wrote a preliminary critique of the show after watching the first ten episodes, or some such number. I do recall that I was not very impressed, but it passed the time and occupied the mind with alternative thoughts, however predictable and lacking in depth or creative flair.

Life is growing monotonous these days of late. The review of the financial situation was not pleasant and the brain is working on blocking it from the amygdala, hypothalmus, and other emotional reactors in the cranial cavity. The interview next week becomes even more powerfully important than any before and the odds of getting the position are higher than most. The world is simply not set up to be fair or just to men of my age, but then, the world is not set up to be fair or just to almost everyone of any age. Stop the world, I want to get off. The thumb remains extended high in the air. Even a garbage scow will be a welcome opportunity.

I am without softball and games this week. One more softball game left until mid-January. The regular card players are with their families. I have none and my adopted family do not invite me to play in their festivities. One of these times I will adopt the family person who will not leave me out or move on and oh, the fun we will share. I am blessed with Jan and Helen and Harpo, all three of whom invited me to feast for the holiday but I did not feel like feasting with anyone on this holiday. The anti-social hermit revels in his disgust with human pretenses and lies and betrayals and suicidal behaviors. One on one sharing is all I wish to engage in for the moment.

Cards and games are not as fun as they were the first few months as the minds are settled in the same routines and patterns. Change (additional people and new positive challenges) and new input (feed your head... what song is that from?) is definitely welcome. An annoying head cold seems to be brewing. Resistance must be low as the standard remedies are not working as well as they usually do. The moldy environment is probably playing a big role as I spent a lot of time in this air-space this week. Find the house is not just mold-infested but also roach infested is another serious challenge as it raises the health risks of spending a lot of time here. Yet there are so many positives about staying here, I challenge this body to overcome the physical health challenges and we shall see if that risk is worth it the hard way. A lot at risk, alas.

I recall chatting with The Maharajah and enjoying his mind as it is a challenging smile. I was also elsewhere writing other things in other blogs (perhaps you will find something of interest {or some clue as to more about my state of mind, health, or life experience} in some of the other blog entries {and the roller coaster ride just keeps on rolling} or maybe you would be interested in some more personal intros and professional intros uploaded elsewhere. I also filled at least a dozen past blank dates in this and the brief daily blog, but you'll just have to roll back the clock and click previous or something yourself to explore those. If I have to do all the work for you, your interest may not be all you think it is, so deal with or settle for what is easy. This blog world was updated, again, and if you did not feel the Earth move, our loss. If you did, did we have fun?

Make it real, even when lost.

Narf :)

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