Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Infections Suck

So I knew it was happening and let it happen anyway which means I was fooling myself when I said I was all better in the best place inside. After all, how could I be there without some more vigorous exercise (the wise one inside knows). The leg has an infection from all the brusing and cuts and scratches I got last Thursday (I think it was Thursday) when doing the landscaping work at that warehouse that makes sets for The Ellen Show and sets and props for other TV and movie and stage productions. I didn't clean the leg well until late in the evening which gave the dirt and bacteria almost twelve hours to grow and then I did not clean and bandage it daily since then as if the body was still a teenager that heals without any treatment or effort. The dog scratch the week before that and the softball smash on the arm over the weekend gave the body even more stress and bacteria to fight and that stretched the healing mechanisms to their limits. So this morning I passed a kidney stone and may have a kidney infection or a URI too. If the leg swells any more tomorrow I will consider seeking someone who will write me a prescription for an antobiotic. The trouble is there are different antibiotics for blood tissue infections and kidney/URI infections and other infections. No health insurance or income makes medical care emergency only. Shhh, healing thoughts all night.

Then there is the heel pain which seems part achilles and part planar fascitis which may be aggrevated by the leg infection but probably comes more from the fact that the right cleat is not right. Poor support and shifting sand under the insole presents the foot with all sorts of discomfort and adjustments that strain some muscles more than others and while there is no pain while running, when I slow down and walk there is pain and when I first stand up there is major pain until I stretch and loosen up the foot and heel. The right knee is also letting me know the right cleat just is not right, so I really must look into getting new cleats and cushioned inserts. Not to mention the protective gear. Softball is my biggest expense these days, but it keeps me alive and keeps my spirits up so it's worth it.

So I rested most of the day. Though I only got about four hours sleep, if that much, and I woke not feeling so good but feeling better than I was feeling at bedtime because the kidney stone passed into the bladder as I slept and it flushed out when I urinated. I sat up and distracted myself with Facebook and the online world as I was too uncomfortable to sleep between the kidney stone and infected leg and bruised arm and as usual when the body is fighting infection, sniffles.

I showered and held the hottest water I could stand (which was the hottest water we've got here) on the cuts and scratches on the leg to kill as much bacteria as possible. Only one of the scratches are scabbing with a bit of puss, though the rest are redder than they could be and the leg and foot is a bit swollen. Then I searched through my first aid boxes and found the stuff I needed to treat and wrap the leg properly so hopefully it will heal without any expense. Then I headed over to Curly's for Tuesday night cards.

There were six of us tonight so we played a game called Asshole which is not a favorite of mine but it was fun anyway. Dinner was hot dogs and sausages and pork and beans and soup and macaroni salad and potato salad. Curly makes the potato salad with eggs and tomatos and it was delicious.

That was the day that was. Hope yours was fun too. :)

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